The Italian Roadtrip – Day 12 and 13 – Cinque Terre

We took a long drive from Tivoli to Levanto, a town on the coast of the Cinque Terre.

By the time we got here it was 5pm so we didn’t do much other than check in, eat some dinner and then sleep.

For dinner we went to La Picea on a back street of Levanto.

I had read reviews about how good this pizza is but nothing prepared us for what we ate. 100% the best pizza I’ve ever eaten. They are multiple award winning pizza bakers with all their trophies lined up on the counter. And there’s no wonder they had won so many.

The next morning we headed out to get the boat and explore the Cinque Terre. The weather didn’t look so clever when we woke up but began to clear as we walked. This was the only day of our trip that looked like rain was imminent so we were actually really lucky.



When we got to the port the woman at the desk said boats were stopped for the day due to choppy waters. I won’t lie I was gutted. I’d seen photos from water level and wanted to see the views for myself but looking at the weather I should have really guessed that no boats would be running.

Time for Plan B!

We went back up the hill to the train station and then headed to one of the larger towns, Manarola on the train. It wasn’t a scenic train as it mostly cut through the cliff face but after about 20 minutes we arrived and with a small walk we were able to see the amazing town and the coast.

The small town streets are windy and cobbled. Good footwear would be a wise idea.

We went to a bar up on the cliff face over looking to town called Nessun Dorma. This bar also does pesto making classes. But the views are worth the trip up here alone.

After a light lunch at the bar we got back on the train and headed to Riomaggorio.

This town is smaller than Manarola but equally as pretty. The shopping options in both towns are similar and same for eateries. There are a lot of seafood restaurants in both towns.

In Riomaggorio the best view is from the water so it’s worth heading down to the port and doing some rock scrambling if you want a good photo.


By the afternoon the weather had fully cleared up and we spent a few hours here exploring in the sunshine before getting some early dinner and heading back.

As fish isn’t our bag, we avoided all the obviously seafood restaurants and went to La Lampara.
It was a lovely restaurant with great service. They serve a range of dishes but also offer pizzas if you want an easy option.

We then headed back to Levanto by train.

Once back in Levanto we went to a bar for a drink and then headed back. There are many cafes and bars that were open but we chose the Salty Dog, a small cafe. When the drinks arrived, so did an array of aperitifs all of which were really nice.

And with that it was off to bed before our final day in Piacenza tomorrow.

The Italian Roadtrip – Day 12 and 13 – Cinque Terre

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