Mount Trashmore Park – Virginia Beach

Mt. Trashmore spans 165 acres and is the most popular park in Virginia Beach. It’s located at 310 Edwin Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23462. It is an great place for picnics, kite flying, runners, biking, fishing and lots of family fun.
The park has several hard surface trails that allow walkers, joggers and cyclists to take in scenic views of lakes and the man made mountain views.
The Park features a 26,000 sq. ft. playground for kids called “Kids Cove” where kids can jump, climb slide their way to fun.
A 24,000 sq. ft. Skate Park, is also on the property for skaters and the young at heart. Adjacent to the skate park is a competition-sized vert ramp that stands at a massive 13.5 feet tall and 40 feet wide. Ten outdoor fitness stations are located around the trail with multiple activities to strengthen muscles posture and balance. All this make Mt. Trashmore Park a great place everyone can enjoy no matter the age. Sign up and log on to to “Get in The Know” and stay informed of where to go, and what to do!


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