Thai me up and take me there! Part 1

Day 1

After 17 hour traveling, I arrived. The weather forecast from what I had read in the UK had not made the greatest of readings, expecting thunderstorms and cloud I was pleasantly surprised when there was blue skies and a sprinkling of cloud. My friend was on a separate flight and had got delayed enroute so I waited around in the arrivals hall for him. Phuket airport is only small so don’t expect much, once you are in the arrivals hall there are two taxi services, both shouting for your attention (you’ll figure that this is a start of a selling technique theme) and a bureau de change (also note that they only accept cash, so it is worth transferring your money at home or bringing cash in your own currency to avoid a dash to a cash machine in a taxi!)

I had pre arranged airport transfers from the UK and sure enough Mr Chai had been waiting for the three hours of delay and was there waiting to take us to the first hotel. If only I had known, I could have had company waiting!

It took around an hour to drive from the airport, the north west tip of the island to the Vijitt Resort, the south east end. We drove through a lot of greenery, which I was surprised at, but not sure why….

And then we hit Phuket city… The traffic became hell and it became overrun with buildings both derelict and modern. There were a few occasions where my heart was in my mouth on that taxi ride but we made it safe and sound to the Vijitt resort.









Upon arrival, I was greeted with a flower lei and we both got a sweet drink, which I’m guessing was sugar cane juice, very nice I may add!

We then got shown to our hut with it’s outdoor shower!

The resort is perfect. Not too big, not too small. We spent the morning laying by the beach and working on the first bit of sunburn I was to receive. I find an hour’s sleep in the sun always has a pink effect on me! (oops)

For lunch we ate at the pool bar, serving all sorts from pizza to Thai favourites.

Then I spent the afternoon wisely sitting in the shade by the pool.

At 5.30 the hotel puts on a taxi shuttle service to the Old Town Market Street in Phuket city.

We battled with the traffic again and arrived in the city about 45 minutes after leaving the resort. There is no other way to describe the street other than chaotic. The selling technique of shouting at you for your attention was definitely in full swing. We walked the full length of the street and was amazed by some of the items people were trying to sell, wondering quite who would buy them. There was also the obligatory food stalls scattered between the tatt. I must admit I didn’t fancy an upset stomach day 1 of the trip so for dinner we found a quiet restaurant just off the street called Rider Cafe. I had a gorgeous pulled pork sandwich and the drinks were strong too! At 8pm we got picked back up and taken back to the hotel where I collapsed into bed and crashed.

Day 2

I woke 12 hours later, feeling fresh and rejuvenated, ready for another day working on my sunburn!

We had late breakfast in the hotel and then got ready for a private Thai boxing lesson. At home it hadn’t quite occured to me that booking a 12 noon boxing lesson was going to be warm, and when I say warm I mean sweltering hot. But none the less we enjoyed it all the same. We got taught basic punches and kicks and had a sparring session on the beach. It was great fun, if not hard work too. Dripping with sweat we freshened up and headed to a Thai language lesson. I can’t lie, I don’t think I’ll be learning it as a second language anytime soon. It has to be one of the most complicated languages I’ve seen/read/heard. But at least I learnt how to say hello and thank you (poorly I will add!)

In the afternoon we rested by the pool until the rain decided to set in and then we took shelter at the pool bar.

We took the chance of going to Promthep viewpoint for sunset. We knew there wouldn’t be a pretty sunset but was interested in seeing the view point all the same.

And we weren’t disappointed, the view was beautiful of the bay and the islands. I do wonder how it would look with an orange sky though…

We went back to the resort for dinner and ate in the pavilion restaurant which served traditional Thai cuisine. The food was beautiful and the service was excellent too.

We then took ourselves to bed after the activity packed day.

Day 3

We woke to another beautiful morning in paradise, we spent the morning relaxing by the pool and working on my pinkness.

At lunch we took part in a Thai cooking class. We learnt to make a 5 course traditional menu, from picking the herbs in the spice garden through to plating up the deliciousness.

After the lesson we got served all the food we had just made and got given a recipe book with all the food we had just made in.

After the food had settled I took a Thai yoga and meditation class by the beach. It was the most tranquil setting I’ve ever done yoga in. I left feeling very calm and zen.

In the evening we left the resort and wandered down the road to Jasmine bar, a small dive bar with prices a quarter of that on the resort. We spent the evening playing connect4, Jenga and pool with the bar girls, I think they were just happy with some fresh faces as the clientele seemed to be a lot of westerners that had moved out there. I’m still not fully sure whether it was “that sort” of bar or not, but either way, no one propositioned us.

Thai me up and take me there! Part 1

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