Yaloha is a video review site that provides you with a visual preview of the best attractions, activities, restaurants, music and nightlife in your town or travel destination.

You can use Yaloha to view the places you want to visit, frequent or love and see for yourself what it’s like to be there before you go. Leave reviews so others will know whee to go, and have fun…

Yaloha represents the 7 cities of Hampton Roads in the highly competitive arena of destination marketing. The mission of the Yaloha team is to create sustainable, diversified, travel destination demand for the Hampton Roads area. The strategic principles of innovation, integration, inclusion and accountability serve as the foundation of Yaloha’s marketing direction.

Yaloha is private incorporation. It is truly a public-private partnership: a marketing organization with visitor-industry and general business representation, advertising based funding, which promotes the interests of the individual companies, and specialized divisions which focus on vertically integrated areas of expertise. It promotes leisure and business travel, including nightlife and conventions, and acts as a catalyst for improving and expanding Hampton Roads’ wide-ranging product offerings and experiences, while creating economic opportunities through tourism.