The most typical conversation starter I think i’ve come across,”where are you from? what brought you here? how do you like it?”

People flock to this area by way of military, federal jobs, schooling, etc.  Maybe you live where you do not because you chose it, but because your job chose it for you, or there was a family/relationship obligation.  Maybe you keep a list of your top five places you’d like to live in…. but landed here instead.

You naturally love some things, right? Maybe you love running or swimming, thrill rides or finding the freshest daily catch for dinner?  List out those top ten things you love.  Well, more than likely the city you’re in doesn’t fulfill ALL 10 of those things (spoiler: no city will totally satisfy your longings!) But chances are, at least a handful of the things you want are happening right where you are.

The Hampton Roads area is loaded with activities and sights to see, for all different tastes, you really just have to know where to look.  All within 15-45 minutes of one another, each neighboring city offers a different look into what makes Hampton Roads what it is!


Learning to Love Our Cities!

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