It’s the most overlooked time of the year!


Confession: I’m currently eating Halloween candy, wearing flip flops and a sweater, and thinking about selling a kidney on the dark web so I can pay November’s rent, put a dent in my maxxed out credit card, and afford Christmas gifts; and whether it’s for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza, Festivus, or whatever floats your Winter Solstice snowflakes, admit it, you’re doing the same thing or some derivative.


How does this happen? Every year we go from the fun and happy, carefree, youthful time of Halloween with our costumes from Harygul’s Halloween Store right into the stress of “I should’ve started Christmas shopping in July”. Every. Year. What if there were a time to help us transition from one to the other? What if I told you there is?

Commercially, Thanksgiving is the most overlooked major holiday in the United States. November 1st of every year, stores immediately take down Charlie Brown’s Great Pumpkin and display the very famous Charlie Brown Christmas Tree, having completely ignored Snoopy and Woodstock in their “pilgrim” attire.

Even on Thanksgiving Day, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is 98.9% about Christmas! That may have been a made-up statistic, but as it stands, we go from want to want and barely take a pause to have Thanksgiving Dinner with our family before we’re out tussling with a stranger over the last Nintendo Classic at GameStop. As Jim Carey said in The Grinch, “the avarice NEVER ends!”

This November, let’s begin something kind of new. From Halloween to Small Business Saturday, why don’t we take this month and give thanks for all that we have and for the people whom we love?

You see, Virginia, there is a gap in between October 31st and December 25th; it’s the gratitude displayed in this season of Thanksgiving which takes us from spookiness of Halloween to the magic of Christmas. Let’s try to wake up with an attitude of gratitude for something different every day, plan a Friendsgiving, office potluck, and/ or a traditional Thanksgiving, and enjoy our time with our loved ones.

When we wake up from our slumber at 9pm after going into an hours-long coma après our third helping of Nana’s Sweet Potato Pie, Hampton Roads’ Nightlife will be alive and well, waiting for us to show our cousins from out-of-town how Virginia beach really gets down.


It’s the most overlooked time of the year!

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