The Italian Roadtrip – Day 4 – Maranello

We set off from Bassano del Grappa on the two and a half hour journey to Maranello.

The town is located just outside the city of Bologna and is birth place to the Ferrari.

We visited the Ferrari museum in Maranello. There is also a museum in Modena and if you were to be in the area the whole day you could visit both with the bus shuttle that Ferrari put on.

However the one museum was great. Just enough information before it got overwhelming and many different cars from throughout the ages. There are scale models of cars through the design process and details of Enzo Ferrari’s life. It would be any car enthusiasts dream.






















At the end of the museum there is a Formula 1 race track simulator. Similar to those that the F1 drivers use to train on. It is pretty expensive at €25 for 7 minutes. But it is super fun and harder than it looks.





In the vicinity of the museum are multiple shops and restaurants offering test drives in their Ferrari’s. These are super experience though and you have to abide by local traffic laws which takes some of the fun out of it so we decided against it.

For dinner we drove to a local pizza restaurant called Pizzeria Desideria. We were the only foreigners in. Once again knowing Italian would be a great help here. I had the calzone which was delicious and the lemon sorbet was the traditional liquid way to serve it. Almost like a slush.

The following morning we got up and headed to Genga.

The Italian Roadtrip – Day 4 – Maranello

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