The Italian Roadtrip – Day 6 – Civita di Bagnoregio

We set off to the small town of Civita di Bagnoregio. The town is nicknamed the dying city due to the number of permanent residents of the town declining to just 12 and the risk of erosion on the rock that the town sits upon.

As the town is built up on a rock and the only way in and out is by a 600m pedestrian bridge.

Our hotel was up in the town and I won’t lie that walk was tough. It was tough without bags but even tougher with. Once we had checked in we wandered around the handful of streets and sat and had a drink and a gelato. As we visited at the end of summer. You could tell the tourism was shutting down for the winter. The two restaurants we had earmarked were both shut. And this was a Friday evening too!!

Once we had changed for dinner we headed out in search of another restaurant. We found two restaurants open and both of them said they were fully booked, even though over half the tables inside were empty. I think the fact we weren’t locals may have played a part in their decision.

Thinking that we weren’t going to eat that evening we found the only other open restaurant in the town. It was 7.40 and closing time was 8. We asked if we could eat, expecting them to say no buy they said to come in and have a seat. The salami selection plate to start was great. The mains were mediocre. Probably better than at home but comparing to what we had eaten already this week no where close. But still we were just happy to have full bellies before bed.

Would I recommend visiting Civita? Definitely.

Would I recommend staying in Civita? Probably not.

Stay in a local town or city and visit for the day. It’s probably enough time as the town is only made up of about 9 streets.

Taking the luggage to the town as too much of a hassle to make it worth while and the lack of food options just made us feel unwelcome.

If you do stay in Civita though, definitely make a booking for dinner!

The Italian Roadtrip – Day 6 – Civita di Bagnoregio

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