The Italian Roadtrip – Day 7 – Caserta

We took the 3 hour drive south to Caserta.

One thing I noticed was as soon as we passed Rome was the driving standards, even though they were already poor, went out the window and became atrocious.

Off the Autostrada and into Caserta itself was just utter chaos. Undertaking, overtaking, double parking, pulling out. It really is another world.

Once we checked in, luckily not crashing the car, we took a shortish walk to the palace and gardens. The gardens are 3km long but have a great waterfall at the end. If the walk is too much then there is a bus or you could hire bikes from the palace itself.


We spent about 3 hours here without going around the palace purely for the fact that we ran out of time. It did look amazing though. And from the short walk through to exit I could tell it looked incredible.

For dinner we went to a local pizzeria called Pizzeria Prezzemolo, you could tell this is where the locals come to get their evening pizza fix. The queue was out of the door for take away’s. We sat out front on some of the plastic garden furniture. This wasn’t a proper restaurant but the food was incredible. We chose some fried appetisers to eat before our pizzas came, they were so different and so good. One of the appetisers tasted like English fish and chip shop chips although being made from mash potato and breadcrumbs. The pizzas then came, they were huge, so big that I had to get a box for mine!

Although dinner was not a fancy affair, sometimes I think it’s better to eat where the locals do, as they hardly ever get it wrong!

The Italian Roadtrip – Day 7 – Caserta

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