The Italian Roadtrip – Day 10 – Positano

About 45 minutes from Sorrento is Positano. A small coastal village set on a cliff side on the Amalfi coast.

Driving here is beyond ridiculous. Its gridlock traffic and there is a one way road that leads through the town that you have to complete before you can get back onto the exit road.
We stayed close to the top of the town due to the free parking offered by the hotel. The view was incredible both in the day and at night. We had a beautiful balcony to sit out on and we did exactly that.

There are winding stairs down small alleyways to get down to the beach below. On the way down the walk was ok. But the thought of having to walk back up the steep steps filled us with dread.

Once down at the bottom we got lunch at a restaurant inside Hotel Buca di Bacco. The view for the terrace was incredible. The food was also ridiculously good although a lot more expensive than we’d been use to but I guess you pay for the view.



We had a wander after lunch around the port and took in more of the stunning scenery.

I literally could spend days here just looking at the views.

From the port you can take boat trips to Capri and further down the Amalfi coastline. These trips are cheaper from Sorrento so if you want to do one, Sorrento is the place to do it.

The beach has sun chairs to hire and plenty of people were swimming in the sea.

The streets were lined with sellers, mainly offering jewellery and original artworks. Some of which were exceptionally good. Other shops had a wide array of clothing for sale and also the obligatory souvenirs.






















We started the walk back up to our hotel and we were right to be dreading it. The hot sun beating down on us just made the walk unbearable.

After what seemed like a lifetime we reached our hotel again.

That evening we vowed not to have to walk those stairs again so we found a local restaurant just up the road from us.

Blu Azzurre is a small restaurant that offers take outs as well as eat it. The food was delightful and half of what you’d pay down in the main town. We made a good call that night.
We went back to the room after dinner to sit on our balcony again to admire the nighttime views. Then off to bed for the three and a half hour drive to Tivoli tomorrow.

The Italian Roadtrip – Day 10 – Positano

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