The Great Race of November! Old Dominion Style!


It seems that as soon as the first hint of autumn swirls in the Virginia wind, all of a sudden every commercial break turns into Political Bias 101, and our second cousin from Virginia Beach has morphed into the Wolf Blitzer of the Wolfsnare district.

Over the past few months we’ve all heard from incumbents and challengers alike- sounding through our radios, beaming through our televisions, taking over our timelines, and every four minutes and twenty seconds on YouTube.

The difference between Election Day 2017 and Election Day 2016 is simple: IT’S ALL ABOUT THE OLD DOMINION.

November 7th is fast approaching and the leaders of our commonwealth will either change or stay the same. Statistically, in the state which boasts to be for Lovers, Virginia’s voters do not love local elections as much as those which affect us nationally.

Historically, the year following a presidential election sees the percentage of Virginians who choose to head to the polls hovering around 43% of registered voters—down from approximately 72% who cast their ballot for a president. There’s time to break that record, however! If we don’t already know who’s running for what race in our voting districts and why, we still have time to get educated on it by getting familiar with our candidates. This weekend rallies and door-knocking walks will be held and we’ll see every candidate, political volunteer, and somebody’s momma knocking on doors asking for our support for so-and-so.

Instead of closing the door in their faces, pretending we’re not home, or turning on the sprinklers, we should ASK QUESTIONS! If we know what’s important to us concerning education, civil planning, local laws, state budget, and such, it’s important that we have a conversation and let them know that we hear them and we’d like them to hear us as voters. If they somehow miss us, then we can certainly catch them at the polls from sun-up to sundown on Election Day.

The perspective candidates will be making their rounds as well, so it’s a good time to meet them face-to-face. Head to to learn more about Virginia’s candidates; and on the 7th of November GET OUT AND VOTE!

The Great Race of November! Old Dominion Style!

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