5 Super Simple Christmas Crafts (that make great last minute gifts!)

Ah, here we are a few days before Christmas and maybe you’ve found yourself still without Christmas gifts for some of those on your list. You didn’t want to do gift cards or cash… but also don’t want to break the bank or have time to get too personal… so here we are…. still no gift to give and the race against time is on.

You know, it’s been a really busy season, maybe too much traveling, lots of holiday parties, and of course we still have to live our regular lives of going to work and taking care of our families… even if that just means self care and our 4 legged companion. It can be mentally taxing just thinking about having to deal with human contact at a shopping mall (for me it’s just as overwhelming browsing through 1000 pages of generic gifts on Amazon prime.)

So here’s an idea: swing into a super center, pick up some craft supplies and spend a few hours knocking it out of the park. Even if you’re not super artsy, these are simple enough that you (or your kids) can put them together in no time! Oh and points for it being handmade and super thoughtful! It’s smart to pick up a box of mason jars for this one! trust me!

Happy holiday crafting!

  • black buttons
  • mason jar
  • white chocolate covered pretzels
  • red yarn
  • hot glue gun.

This one is pretty self explanatory!  fill jar with pretzels, tie on your yarn (your snowman’s scarf) and fix with a dab of hot glue, hot glue your buttons on, either tie on a gift tag as shown or slap a to and from on the top of the jar!


  • 1 cup granulated sugar
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil melted
  • 8-10 drops peppermint essential oil
  • 8-10 peppermints

If you have one, place the peppermints into a food processor/coffee grinder.  If not, double bag in a ziplock bag and smash up with a hammer until the peppermints are a dust, place in a bowl and mix in sugar, melted oil, and add in essential oil (as much as you like for scent!) blend and mix the contents into a mason jar.  use in the shower to keep skin soft!


  • guiness (or another beer with a brown/black/dark label – heck i think even Budweiser would work)
  • red balls
  • google eyes
  • brown pipe cleaners
  • hot glue gun

pretty self explanatory again! LIFE HACK : buy an extra 6 pack for yourself and get to work with that hot glue gun!



  • assorted candy
  • bags of popcorn
  • itunes giftcard (so they can choose their movie)
  • popcorn bucket (sold at dollar stores) OR a basket to place things in
  • blanket (optional)

arrange things in a basket or your popcorn bucket, throw the gift card in a blank card and BOOM, perfect gift for a family! if you want, you can swap out the gift card for some christmas classics (you can always find some in the $5 bin!!)


  • rose petals / dried flowers/ dried leaves
  • powdered coconut milk
  • dried lavender
  • rosemary tea / dried herbs
  • ginger tea / dried herbs
  • peppermint tea / dried herbs
  • pink Himalayan salt / epsom salts
  • empty tea bags

blend different mixtures in mason jars and place empty tea bags in decorative drawstring bag (optional) for decorative flair! add a ribbon of your choice!

we hope you’ll get to work with some of these craft and cheap DIY christmas craft ideas!

5 Super Simple Christmas Crafts (that make great last minute gifts!)

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