So good I got tongue-thaid, Part 2

Day 4

We got up at 5.30am for a sunrise Thai breakfast. The sunrise was beautiful to perfection. So serene, so quiet, so natural. The Thai food was something else. Let’s just say it wasn’t our bag. After the sunrise we got our regular breakfast in the hotel before we packed and checked out.

After a short journey in a taxi, we arrived at Sri Panwa Resort, our second hotel. Voted 1 of the 100 greatest hotels in the world by Harper’s Bazaar.

The hotel is on a peninsula offering spectacular views from every room. In fact, everywhere in this hotel has an amazing view. The pool, the reception, the bar(s). 




This place is pure luxury. With staff easily outweighing guests 3:1.


It’s the sort of place that offers tuk tuks around the resort, because apparently posh people can’t walk!


The sort of place you need a Butler to show you how to work the lights because there are that many settings to them and I wish I was joking!



The sort of place that if you disobey them and actually walk somewhere yourself, there’s someone waiting around every corner to give you a fresh bottle of cool water.

Oh and each room has it’s own private pool too, that along with the four public pools with waterfalls and fountains. 








Needless to say, we only spent one night here… But what a night it was.

Within the hotel grounds there is the second best bar in the world as voted by CNN International. We went up here before it opened to avoid the minimum spend bar tab and to take in the views.

Then we watched the sunset in our private pool before getting ready for dinner.

The food in the restaurants was beautiful, if not overpriced even by UK standards nevermind Thai prices, the drinks were also wonderful but the same pricing strategy applies.


Day 5

In the morning I got up early and headed down to the resort’s private beach. I walked out on to the jetty but didn’t get too far as I lost me nerve as it bounced with the tide. Either way, it was a nice view looking back on the resort even if I didn’t see if from the full distance.

Then when I thought it couldn’t get any better, they served prosecco with breakfast! The food at breakfast was also delicious with a great variety to choose from.

After a quiet chill by the pool we packed and checked out and headed to our next hotel, the memory at on on hotel in Phuket City. This hotel is the same hotel that Leonardo DiCaprio stayed in when he was out in Thailand filming The Beach. 

On the drive to the city it was amazing to see what you can actually fit on a moped. I saw one adult and three kids on one. A Labrador and it’s owner on another and two women with five crates of water on another. They really are creative with their utilisation.

In the afternoon we meandered the streets, visited a Chinese temple and a 3d art museum. The first thing we noticed was how much cheaper everything is in the city compared to the beach resorts.














With our afternoon off from activities we decided to get a Thai massage, for £5 each ($7) we got an hour long Thai massage which released years of tension in our bodies. But just as we were about to leave the heavens opened and the rain came bouncing down. So we decided to go ahead and get an hour’s foot massage for the same price and wait for the weather to dry up a bit. At the end of the two hours we felt weightless and like we were walking on clouds.

In the evening we went to a local restaurant called Eleven Two and Co. A Thai Western fusion restaurant. The chicken pineapple rice served in a pineapple and the total bill for the three course feast coming to £18 ($24) per head. Bargain!!!

To finish the evening off we headed to Prohibition, a local bar for a few (yummy) cocktails. After a few games for Uno, draughts and cards against humanity we called it a night.

So good I got tongue-thaid, Part 2

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